Announcement: Find Inspiration for Creative Sewing Projects

If you like the idea of saving money on your clothing and accessory budget, then think about sewing a garment yourself. The reasons for going about the industry of creating your own special wardrobe items go beyond dollar savings. Sewing has been used in my family for “therapy” thereby saving plenty on psychiatric bills. Home sewing can also help you kick the shopping habit, as you will need that precious time for the actual doing of the sewing (more dollar savings).  

Start with something easy, but not boring. In fact, if you find book or magazine instructions for something you really love, that can be inspiration enough to make a plan, find the fabric and notions, cut it out, sew the seams, and to finish it with hems and a good pressing. For instance, I found instructions for making panties as a featured article at 


The author of this instructable uses an old pair of underwear to make a pattern for her new home sewing projects. I am going to take some of my old t-shirts and follow her steps. This is a great idea that got my creative juices flowing.

Another source of inspiration is what others are wearing. If you see something someone is wearing and you fall in love with it, draw out a sketch and commence to make the thing yours through home sewing. As you can tell I am an advocate of home sewing. I have taken many dressmaking, tailoring, and pattern making classes, and was told by one of my instructors that I have a home sewing mentality.

I was at the Del Mar Fair in 2008 and happened on this great purse made from recycled jeans. Just think of all the ways this idea could be made your own with home sewing.


It is true; I want to sew for myself, not for any market. The greatest thing about home sewing for yourself is that you do not become a slave to whatever is being sold at the moment. You have the power to create individual looks, and no one will ever be wearing the same outfit, your creation is unique. And, if you are not sewing for another person, i.e., sewing as a profession, then you do not have to alter your creativity to suit the customer.  

Home sewing projects abound, and home sewing is relaxing and can save you money. Just follow your intuition, look around, take note and find creative ideas for sewing all around you.


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